Hydraulic Accelerators

Double Acting Hydraulic Accelerator

The Wenzel Downhole Tools Double Acting Hydraulic Accelerator is a hydraulic spring that stores energy when tension or compression is applied to the drill string. During hammering, the energy stored in the tool is released to accelerate the drill pipes and the hammer, thus intensifying the impact of the hammering.

  • With a sealed and lubricated unit, the throttle will provide long life in high torque conditions and knock applications.
  • Full torque can be transmitted through the throttle.
  • Standard seals are effective up to 120°C. Can be configured with high temperature seals up to 200°C. External sealing surfaces are tungsten carbide for improved wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Throttle operation is independent of fluid flow.
  • The accelerator is very useful in shallow holes where the available length of pipe is not long enough to stretch.
  • Recommended for use in extended-reach or highly deviated wells where hammer performance may suffer due to hole drag.
  • The Double Acting Hydraulic Accelerator is used to amplify the performance of double acting drilling/fishing hammers.
  • The application of tension or compression to the drill string will transfer energy to the hydraulic chamber. Follow normal recommended practices for operating the hammer drill.