The education and training of our staff is a permanent necessity; we continually update the skills of our own service personnel and offer training to our customers when required.

Our support network includes specialized mechanical workshops for emergency machining in repairs in all the oilfields of Ecuador. Our goal is to reduce the normal response time, from days or weeks to hours.



  • Repair, maintenance and installation of:

    • Flow tools – circulation sleeves, valves, NO-GO, etc.

    • Service tools – mechanical packer, hydraulic packer, blind plug, cement retainer, etc.

    • Production tools – mechanical packer, hydraulic packer, etc.

    • Tools – AFV and FLRV valves, Sandguard, Cyclone, Y-tool, etc.

  • Rental of Wireline Adapter Kit

  • Hydrostatic test

Artificial lift

  • Installation and uninstallation service of wellhead electric connectors, packer and capsule penetrator

  • Repair and maintainance of cable protectors and mid-joints

  • Installation and uninstallation service of cable protectors

  • Hipot and TDR service

  • Repair of electric submersible pump (ESP)

  • Capillary hydrostatic testing service

  • Spooler service


  • Coring service
  • Torquemaster service
  • WELL CLEANERWellhead pipe cleaning service
  • WELL TECH: Wellhead pipe electromagnetic logging service
  • WELL SAVER: Electric submersible pump protection system
  • Tension tests of lifting or hoisting equipment