Well Cleaner


  1. Extract mechanical and hydraulic BES completions, free of hydrocarbon residues that can stop contamination on the surface.
  2. Prevent damage to the environment, avoiding spills in locations.
  3. Reduce the risks of contamination during the transport of recovered elements.
  4. Externally wash BES cable to remove corrosive armor chemicals
  5. Avoid contamination of locations and warehouses where items considered junk are stored
  6. Reduce operating expenses by allowing visual inspection of the completion when it is extracted.
  7. Keep the workplace safe and clean.


  1. The rig is positioned 90ft from the wellhead during pulling.

  2. Before starting the pulling work, the steam distribution flange is installed on the BOP with holes inclined towards the interior of the well. holes inclined towards the interior of the well.

  3. The steam is transported through a 1/2” high pressure hose from the equipment up to the distributor flange (Manifold).

  4. The water to control the well is the one used

  5. The effect of the steam jets will make the waste remain inside the same well. without polluting the outside.

  6. The well is suspended as many times as necessary during the duration of the work.

Equipment Description

It is a self-contained steam generator system for cleaning Flow rate 8 GPM @ 250 PSI 320 F STEAM
Motor 230 V 1 Ph 60 Hz 1.5 Hp 1750 RPM
1,200,000 BTU/H diesel combustion boiler

Equipped on the trailer with its respective control cabin and 25 KVA electric generator Steam distribution flanges with ID 7 1/16”-11”

Other uses

Tank cleaning
Rock cleaning
Cleaning of contaminated floors