Cyclone ESP harnesses proven vortex technology as part of a superior sand protection system. Applicable to onshore, offshore, deviated or horizontal wells, it prevents sand damage, extends pump life and dramatically reduces lease operating expenses.

Sized for all flow rates, Cyclone fits easily into any ESP well. Because it rests directly below the pump, installation requires no downhole preparation. High-efficiency centrifugal action separates a wider range of grain sizes than sand screens, sending sand-free fluid to the pump and solids to an exhaust pipe below. With special metallurgical construction and no moving parts, Cyclone's vortex technology avoids the erosion and plugging problems of traditional sand screens to provide exceptional sand control.

  • Protects ESPs from sand damage.
  • Extends useful life to dramatically reduce lease operating expenses.
  • Minimizes or eliminates costly repairs, ESP replacements, and lost production.
  • It installs easily, features high reusability, and one-size-fits-all shell weights.
  • Allows field change of rubber elements.
  • Allows quick changeover and rerun without leaving the rig floor.
  • Eliminates the need to turn the engine or exhaust pipe.