SandGuard is a unique multi-lift solution that allows you to eliminate potential factors that lead to ESP failure.

It's a revolutionary technology that captures and quarantines residual sand so the pump restarts seamlessly. Tested through thousands of installations, it has shown huge increases in ESP run times in sandy wells.

It supports multiple applications such as ESP installations, horizontal or deviated oil wells, and offshore or onshore wells.

  • Improves ESP life up to 1200 percent
  • Protects pumps from falling sand through continuous automatic discharge function
  • Captures all the sand and debris that falls on the pumps after they are turned off, creating a clean start every time
  • Provides ESP with smoother starts that significantly improve pump life
  • Eliminates communication with the annulus, resulting in zero risk of failure or fluid recirculation
  • Offers compatibility with all streams produced by ESP
  • Withstands the toughest downhole environments
  • Offers standard or custom connections to tubing