Flexible pipe

Spoolable, flexible line pipe made from thermoplastic liner, a helically wound reinforcement layer and an external thermoplastic jacket that effectively resists high pressure, corrosion and impact while driving down installation costs. 

Built to exceed the industry requirements of API, ASTM and CSA standards. Connections are made with robust leak-free fittings, available in two corrosion-resistant material options. Abrasion-resistant, low friction and have higher flow rates compared to steel alternatives.

  • Approximately a 50% reduction in installation crew size and up to 35% installation cost savings compared to a steel pipeline.
  • Impact-resistant design eliminates the need for sand padding.
  • 20-year UV life protects pipe while in service or storage.
  • Lower operating costs due to corrosion-resistant design.
  • HDPE liner provides excellent chemical resistance.