The QCI P5 Surface Penetrator redefined ESP penetrators and continues to ensure reliability and performance throughout the world. Its "3-leg design" isolates each conductor within separate tubes using metal-to-metal sealing and robust connections to connect the ESP cable. 

The simple approach and design of the QCI P5 make it an excellent solution for installing an ESP in an existing well and for new installations that require a multiple ESP concentric wellhead in the well. The 10,000 psi rating option offers compensated fracking protection, eliminates downhole cable splices, and can be tailored to fit non-ESP wellheads.

The QCI P5-SL (Slim Line) surface penetrator captures both the unique design and capabilities of the QCI P5 with a smaller connection size. It is 7/8” in outside diameter. The connection allows ESPs to be used in narrow well applications in conjunction with coiled tubing and wireline deployed ESPs.